Yatterman Night Season 2 Release Date

Yatterman Night Season 2 Release Date

If you can imagine a situation in which Schindler’s List knocks up Kill la Kill, and the subsequent child is raised primarily by a nanny called Spongebob Squarepants, then it’s entirely possible that you’re imagination is just a little too active for your own good.

Sorry, sorry, serious face now. I have to confess that I find it incredibly difficult to gauge exactly what kind of show Yoru no Yatterman is trying to be. On the one hand, it’s set in a bleak dystopia where a combination of fabricated history and rule by an iron fist has led to the creation of a society where simply existing is a crime sufficient to earn you a lifetime in a concentration camp that would make even the most rampant Nazi sympathiser blush. On the other hand, it’s main characters are 3 costumed goofballs who go travel the country being unashamedly silly at people while being beset upon by a bunch of utterly incompetent costumed supervillains who fight using colourful animal-themed mechs. It’s not above including talking animals, toilet humour, casual ecchi fanservice and downright bizarre battle scenes. It’s also not above depicting the horrors of genocide and having the main characters indirectly slaughter large numbers of thinking, feeling, squishy humans. 

The totally overbearing nature of Yoru no Yatterman’s rampant inconsistency makes me wonder if the series might actually be making some kind of point. It’s relatively dim view of the conventional hero archetype and the apparent conflict between its gritty setting and goofy style could very easily be interpreted as a criticism of the hypocritical way that more conventional high fantasy attempts to impress upon its audience the importance of heroism while simultaneously shying away from images of “true” villainy. However, to assert this interpretation is to imply a degree of sophistication in a series that also incorporates (among other things) exploding poop bombs, a man with a fish fetish and a chimpanzee who can drive. It’s not impossible, but something about the thought just doesn’t sit right.

Besides, if Yoru no Yatterman is working to dispel conventional notions of heroic and villainous archetypes, then it’s doing a bloody weak job of it. I actually quite liked the fact that the central protagonist is established as a young female character with very limited fighting ability, but Galina’s more straightforward heroic arc and Doronjo’s growing affection for him as the series goes on (paired with the fact that she hasn’t really achieved anything in 9 episodes and repeatedly has to get rescued by her male companions to a slightly suspect degree) does undermine any notion that the series is trying for a touch of irony. If it is, it ain’t taking that self-awareness far enough.

My conclusion is that Yoru no Yatterman lets itself down with its very strong first episode, which paints an image of a compelling character-driven action series that the show itself just isn’t. It’s fun but shallow stuff to be half-watched and then forgotten within a few hours as you search for the next big distraction. It’s got some neat ideas that, in the right hands, could inject some life into a deeper series, but in this case all they achieve is to make the exact intent of the show a little difficult to determine.

Sorry for that long rant. LMAO. But Yoru No Yatterman was err.. a fun ride. Sadly, it went under the radar of a lot of people. It wasn’t the best of this winter season but it wasn’t bad like a lot of people says. There is a very slim chance that there will be a season 2 of this anime. Thank goodness!