World Trigger Season 2 Release date

World Trigger Season 2 Release date

First thing to say… PURELY UNDERRATED. Second, felt sorry for those who dropped this series from the start. Third, this show is AWESOME!!!!

Way back when I started watching World Trigger, the first 10 episodes are a bit booring because there’s a lot of dialogues. But wait, you’ll realized these dialogues will help you understand what is World Trigger. It’s educational dialogue for this show. And wait, don’t expect that the rest of the episode is dialogue, the next cours will blow you with a lot of action pack. It’s like you’re watching a ONE PIECElike atmosphere since it is also produced by Toei Animation, but of course they don’t have the same story or plot. They have their own originality and signature. One Piece has the atmosphere of old to modern, while World Trigger has Modern to Future. I’m really glad that I didn’t drop this show because of it’s current rating and even now, I always anticipate this in its weekly release. Some people dropped it because the animation sucks. I don’t think so. The animation is just average and it didn’t sucked at all. The story is great, give it a chance.

         Let me just give you some advise, watch it ’til episode 12 because episode 13 and beyond will blow you away with a lot of action pack, especially the Invasion part where every episodes gaves a lot of tense, and unpredictable happenings.

         Story takes place when Usamo met Kuga, a Black Trigger user who is also a Neighbor. Kuga came to earth to search for his Father’s friend. Usamo help Kuga to find with him, but it turned out Kuga is also helping Usamu for being an Agent and put him in a lot of trouble for being a friend with a Black Trigger user. But their friendship became stronger as the story goes on.


         Kuga, 1 of the main character, is honorable, good sense of self, and of real justice. Amatori, is a strong girl who doesn’t know how to use her power yet and because of that knows her place and tries her best to not involve people or stay out of the way. Jin, another character is smart, witty, and caring and has ability to foresee the future!

         The perfect time for Osamu to be killed off would be when Kuga (who is an awesome character) was being targeted by thugs for his money. When the thugs try to get money from Kuga and Osamu try to stop him, Kuga should have told the thug, sorry Osamu says you guys are bullies and I should give you any money. If you want any money you have to go through him first! And then the story can kill Osamu off for being a weak little idiot who can’t even defend his own ideals! 

         Even though I found this good, I really want this anime‚Äôs story to end there. Meanwhile, there is a chance that there will be another season!