Tribe Cool Crew Season 2 Release Date

Tribe Cool Crew Season 2 Release Date

While this show is clearly targeted at a younger audience, I think it’s a bit more important than just another children’s program.

As of the 24th episode, it is actually setting itself up to tackle some real political issues, all explored behind guise of a kiddy show about dancing and friendship.

The dance component though is unique, and they mix in a lot of different styles even though it’s hip hop, but tends to repeat.

Furthermore, many of the dance scenes appear to be done entirely in CGI, which is a fascinating step to watch develop in the anime industry, especially as it deals with the intricate movements of dance. Most full length feature films created with computers take years to create, while I’m certain the producers of Tribe Cool Crew are on an incredibly tight schedule, so what they are able to create within that time frame is remarkable, and has improved even over the relatively short period that the show has been airing. Especially impressive is how the animatorsmanage to deal with so many different body types, and even differentiate between different characters even while they dance the same moves.

It’s fun, and definitely fresh. It’d be nice to see other children’s anime to tackle new areas and themes like TCC does too. And let us hope for a season 2!

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