The Testament of Sister New Devil Season 3 Release Date

Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Season 3  Release Date

The feeling you get when your favorite anime series is already finished…. It’s like you were asleep for the whole time and then suddenly, you find yourself staring in a blank space, like you were left out of nowhere. Exaggerated as I may seem, but nothing would beat my love for this anime. And I would literally die for another season!

Back in my high school days, I have always loved High School DxD, which pretty much captivated the Anime world and became a hit. Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha somehow has the same genre and storyline. Ish. Man, this show was all over the place. This is the closest harem to Highschool DxD that I’ve seen yet. That is a plus in my opinion although everyone seems to either hate or like this series because of its mediocrity. 

The story is rather simplistic but overall interesting to see the relationships between the demons and hero clan. I think there is much more depth to be mined in future seasons. Job well done, Kaori Sadohara (the director of the series).

The second season of this was announced to be released on October 2015. I know I’m not the only one excited about this! The film started rolling again as the fans wait for another season. Season 3 will be the next one that fans would be waiting for.