Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Season 5 Release Date

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Season 5 Release Date

I find it weird sometimes because even though I know the anime is bad (in terms of quality) I still go on and try to enjoy it despite everything and manage to watch it, even for three seasons. LMAO.
This anime is a sort of compromise between the poorly received FWMH and the original two seasons, and it generally fails on all accounts.

The main girls have been relegated to daily cameos, with their personalities merging into one. Everything that made them individual characters has been forgotten, and they’ve basically been flanderized. Arsene and the original phantom thieves, and the genius 4 (other than Kokoro) are not in this, and the main character is a new face, an idol who also has the same toys. What follows is an incoherent mess that lacks the charm of the original series but brings nothing new either.

I feel like a lot of the original writers left, and what remains cannot remember what made Milky Holmes popular in the first place. The new characters are mostly charmless, and the old ones are different and seem forced.

From what I understand, unlike the general free-form ‘anything goes’ scripting of the original 2 series, this one was more tightly scripted. Watching it feels less like the seiyuu having fun with their roles, and more like a bad attempt at a magical girl parody. 

Although it has its game, there is still a slim chance that there will be a Season 5 for this seemingly poor-supported anime.