Sora no Method Season 2 Release Date

Celestial Method Season 2 Release Date

When a giant saucer appears in the sky above a small town, what sort of events would you expect to follow?

Sora no Method poses this question, and then follows with the most mundane answer it could have gone with: a slice of life drama that spends about five minutes of the whole series actually talking about the saucer, despite it being the source of many troubles the characters face. The fact that someone thought it would be a good idea to through in such a large supernatural element and then treat it like it was nothing worth acknowledge subsequently succeeded in creating a very frustrating chain of events.

This anime is over-looked and pretty underrated but in a good way. Not in the fact that its shit but in the fact that it wasn’t really known when airing. This show is worth a watch and heartwarming. The only strong factor may be its story with its simplicity and way of storytelling. The art and animation are good for the most part while the characters lack in potential.

The story of this anime has a definitive fantasy/sci-fi feeling to it, as those themes are present throughout the 13 episodes. However, they’re often just part of the background that gives way to the character-driven story. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however when things turn a little more fantasy during the last few episodes, it may come a bit as a surprise that detracts from the previous impressions of the show. I wouldn’t say that this is a bad thing, but it did come a bit late into the standard 13 episode run time, forcing a rather rushed and simple ending that could have been given more effort (this is mostly an issue of timing) and the final plot element/problem to overcome mostly just solves itself.

Being an anime new this year, as expected, the art and sound were cleanly done, and most of Sora no Method’s soundtrack was very relaxing. Toward the very end of the series, there was a strange change in art style that startled me, but it may have worked to leave somewhat of an impact. That is to say, it was startling, but it wasn’t bad. I especially liked the color palettes used.

Why the title focuses on the sky is something of a mystery, because no one else seems concerned with it at all. That aspect may take high tolerance as well. HAHA! I hope there will be second round. Do you hope for a season 2, too?