Shounen Hollywood season 3 Release Date

Shounen Hollywood Holly Stage for 51 season 3 Release Date

Shounen Hollywood is a very heartwarming tale of teen idols. Trust me it is! This was the biggest surprise for me. A nice slice of life with a lot of J-Pop

When first coming across this anime, I instantly chose to watch it for its attractive men, and idol theme. Falsely thinking it would be a story resembling Uta-Pri’s, I spent this summer slaving over each episode, hopelessly waiting to see the boys actually perform as idols.

If you’ve been watching loads of fast pace, action packed shows and need a little breather, then maybe you might want to give this anime a chance. Shounen Hollywood is a slice of life through and through, and also one of the most realist works I’ve seen in a long time. The art style itself is more realistic then most anime (but hey different’s not bad and it is all still just an art form). It’s has a slow, easygoing pace most of the time, and that’s where I think this series deserves some credit. It doesn’t try to entertain it’s audience with tones of drama, traumatic back stories, or shinning comebacks. Rather we see these teenagers as they struggle with their personal problems, insecurities, how they deal with each other, and how they ultimately grow together to make Shounen Hollywood (their group) a success.

Will the guys conquer the pop entertainment scene? This anime series is somehow unique. Sad to say but most likely there will not be season 3.