Shirobako Season 2 Release Date

Shirobako White Box Season 2Release Date

Out of curiosity, I’ve been thinking a lot about how anime are made, but it is fairly hard to get insights into the practices of this particular industry. And then, Shirobako came around.

One phrase that would perfectly describe Shirobako is simply ingenious. Surprisingly, the series has cleverly put together a lot of elements into one stand-out show. Aside from being an exposition of how anime series are made, it also tells us a cute and charming story all while boasting a splendid cast of characters and vibrant, dynamic designs.

Shirobako managed to rank very high in my list due to the fact that it is done with an astonishing amount of perfection, especially in terms of storytelling. This show is not about documentation, it actually has a decent, even exciting story in which the factual elements of anime-making are embedded. The first anime I was reminded of was Bakuman, doing practically the same with manga but on a more entertaining and less informative level. Shirobako, on the other hand, provides for an almost perfect balance between entertainment and information. A bunch of girls decide to follow their dreams to become a part of the anime industry, which is an excellent premise for the fact that the transition between school/university and work life is described in particular. It is especially this transition with its associated culture shock that is hard to outline on an emotional level. In actuality, it is not unusual to get rejected by companies although you were educated well, and just like that, dreams get shattered. The pressure that is inherent to these situations is portrayed by Shirobako in a marvelous manner. 

Maybe Shirobako isn’t the most perfectly-woven anime ever created. Let me remind you that this is about whether or not it will have a season 2. And I just want to remind you that when reviewing something, there is a category that a lot of critics either miss or just forget about. That category is “Enjoyment”. It’s hard for me to say if I have ever enjoyed a show as much as I enjoyed Shirobako. In looking back on it, I can’t ever recall a moment where I didn’t care — a moment where I got bored. The fact is that I was so constantly looking forward to seeing what happens next that Shirobako created an experience for me where the characters felt more like people I cared about rather than an animated cast just moving along my flat-screen television. I would find it hard to believe that anyone else who followed the show to completion didn’t feel the same way.

Praying and believing that the franchise would have a extension for a season two would be the best shot.