Selector Infected WIXOSS Season 3 Release Date

Selector Infected WIXOSS Season 3 Release Date

When comparing this season to the first one, I felt that Selector Spread WIXOSS fixed all of the problems I had with the storytelling.  HAHA. 

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and in the case of WIXOSS that may very well be the case. LOL.

Selector Spread WIXOSS is the continuation of Selector Infected WIXOSS. It starts off around a week after the events that transpired during the first season’s ending and continues with the overarching conflict of the series. During this iteration, the main character Ruuko focuses more on trying to find a way to save her LRIG Tama, coping with her battle addiction, and dealing with her new companion Iona. Compared to the first season, I think the story was slightly better. The major problems the series had where fixed when they focused more on the premise of the game WIXOSS, and focusing more on Iona and Maya’s predicament. There was a lot of good things going on at once in the second season that I enjoyed instead of only recycling Madoka Magica themes in the first one. As for backstory, many of the random unimportant characters in the first sesion are extremely relevant now and play a huge role in the story. 

Much like the first season, Selector Spread WIXOSS really shines during its darker moments, and they don’t even wait til the end of the second episode to really start laying in on thick. From the psychotically nasty to the horrifyingly sensual, WIXOSS certainly hasn’t lost its darker edge that subverted its cutesy-moe look and gave it the edge that it had back in the Spring season earlier this year. As for departing from its Madoka base, the story shapes up pretty well during its first two thirds as the tension builds around what actually caused WIXOSS to be created in the first place. Unfortunately, I found the ultimate revelation to be a little bit underwhelming, though this may be more due to it feeling a bit rushed and poorly explained. In the end, I suppose I was sort of able to believe what happened, but it still felt very fuzzy on a lot of the details. 

I will say that the final episode was very solid, though certainly nothing we haven’t seen before. Which is a good thing right?  But I think it should end there. IT SHOULD.

Well, there are rumors in reddit that there will be a spin-off for the franchise but I don’t know there are not confirmation yet. I just hope that it really didn’t end after the second season. A season 3 and counting is what we fans are looking for.