Sanzoku no Musume Ronja Season 2 Release Date

Ronia the Robber’s Daughter Season 2Release Date

Will you sacrifice and give everything for sake of your love? 

Well, this is the big quest in this anime.

Ronja is really a very cute series! I had the highest expectations about it because it was the first animated series made by Studio Ghibli, even knowing that was used digital resources on it.

To begin with it, the story is based on the book written by a swedish writer named Astrid Lindgren, and tells us the tale of Ronja, daughter of Mattis (a bandit leader) and Lovis, his wife. She lives at the Mattis’s Fortress (originally Mattisborgen), which consists on a abandoned castle, split in half by a thunderbolt that struck it on the day Ronja was born. After the storm, the rival bandit clan, Borka’s Thieves, takes half of the fortress. Sometime later, Ronja meets Birk, Borka’s son, and they become friends, even against their fathers will. When the clash between the clans gets worse, Ronja and Birk decide to leave the fortress, starting to live together within a cave hidden in the forest.

Mattis’s desire to retrieve his little girl makes him ask for a truce with Borka, reducing the rivalry between the clans a little bit. The book consists on a parable about affection and conflicts at childhood between father and daughter, the discovery of love and independence, the wisdom of a life side by side with the nature and tolerance, at a broad sense. It was translated to a bunch of different languages, and it is an international success.

The series is very relaxed and for some people the slow pacing might be a negative issue. For me, however, the slow pacing worked well. Both the characters and the watcher were given time to enjoy the nature and the atmosphere and get into the mood of the series. I also found the pacing to be nothing forced or strained – the series developed on its own momentum and nature was given a large part just as it has in the original novel

            Although the series is most of the time quite childish, the themes are mature. I was surprised how well the more serious scenes were executed. Also the way the children’s feelings are portrayed is wonderfully natural and sweet.