Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu Season 2 Release Date

Gonne be the Twin-Tail Season 2Release Date

“If you love twintails in your heart, anything is possible!” – TailRed. Welcome to the anime of the season. No, of ALL the seasons.

From start to finish, Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu provides perhaps the most deep and thought-provoking story I’ve ever come across in my anime career. It blows just about all the cult classics out of the water with its originality. The plot revolves around a typical high-school boy named Souji. Or rather he’s typical with the exception that he’s a diehard fetishist for twintails. Already here we can see that the anime is starting to go down a direction you don’t see particularly often.

Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu is an anime that you’ll either love or absolutely hate, it’s about a boy in love with the twintails hairstyle and becoming a hero because of that love. I found myself enjoying this series quite much by not questioning the characters’ logic too much and viewing this anime as more of a comedy rather than something serious, because there are many things that occur that don’t make much sense in the real world.

I Want to be the Twintails is a story about identity. It’s about standing up for who you are and what you love in the face of your worst adversaries. The protagonists and antagonists alike proudly parade their dubious interests in the heat of battle, for therein lies the source of their might. With zeal far beyond ridicule and shame, it is during these moments of peril they engrave their ephemeral existence into eternity. Souji fends off not only the alien invaders, he needs to constantly resist Twoearle’s and Aika’s attempts at wooing him as well as Mother’s insistence on his concession to sexual desires. But not once did Souji falter as he embraces a more refined pleasure by locking herself up and fingering herself in the twintails. This review is a ruse; I just really like Tailred. In contrast, student council president Shindou Erina finds strength through the release of her repressed sexuality. Twintails is about being honest with yourself and freeing your real you that is repressed in fear going against social expectations. The theme is a common one, but Twintails handles it with a touch of novelty and never strays from its original intent of entertainment.

Incidentally, there are two sides to all coins of the dual-faceted type. Even Souji is capable of viewing his love for twintails through a lens of irony. He acknowledges it as an irrational infatuation because such is the nature of passion. As much as it is a bliss for him, he realizes that it is not an ideal to be forced upon others. In her own words, “Twintails can only come to be on the hair on either side of the head that supports them!”. Despite this, he never rejects this infatuation even when his life is being threatened, not because he is senseless but because next to his love for twintails is his will to protect the world and battle alongside his friends. This is one of the anime where you can say OHMYGOSH I WANT ANOTHER SEASON.

           I want to be the Twintails is not about a hairstyle as much as it’s about being conscious of who you are and daring to be different. You know this show does. I think I’ll also grow a pair and play with them in the bathroom. LOL.