Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Release date

Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Release date

The funny thing about sins is that we all have it. As some part of us, there’s a sin in everyone. It’s simple really because they are natural human instincts. That’s hardly what Nanatsu no Taizai is about though. On the surface, the show seems to talk about the sins in their variety. But really, this series is more about a journey, one that has our heroes find those lost Sins. Like a classic adventure, Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) crafts the extraordinary portrait of how a journey should be in such a fantasy world.

Let’s get something over with first. This series has the infamous studio known as A-1 Pictures in charge which spells out for some controversy. Known for their other adaptations such as Sword Art Online, Magi, Blue Exorcist, and other related works, they have created some controversy when adapting shounen titles. If you’re thinking adequacy, then you may be right. They are known for butchering up manga material with adaptations such as the latter half of Blue Exorcist and first season of Magi. For Nanatsu no Taizai, the series runs for over 100+ chapters and is still ongoing. The worry may be that the series will be butchered to an extent that will be unsalvageable. While it does suffer a bit of that, the show does shine in its own ways. It’s by no means an earth breaking adaptation yet still has its compelling ideas bought into light.

Relationships can also be something to keep an eye on. From strong friendship to romance, the series undertakes ways to flesh them out. However, do not expect top tier adaptation coming from A-1 Pictures. Certain parts are left out that could of made specific relationship seem more realistic. At the same time, we can also see how human some of the characters are. This is demonstrated by the emotions characters show ranging from sorrow, to anger, to regret. It extends to not only the Sins but also the Holy Knights. While not as clearly focused as the Sins, some of them do get character background with examples like Gilthunder. The show makes it clear that some of them are antagonists although there are also changes down the road. Despite all this, the show still has a trend for what shounen series does which usually leads up with predictable outcomes.

Standing on its feet, the show marks its spot for a fantasy series clearly evidenced by its colorful background. The artwork is well adapted from the manga to illustrate a diverse range of characteristics you would find in any shounen series. Mountain ranges, enchanted forests, and crude dungeons are all fantastically illustrated. The character designs also has variety to give each of them a unique look. Whether it’s Diane’s titanic figure, Ban’s delinquent face, or Gilthunder’s cold expressions, the show is able to create a concrete degree with the variety. I also give praise to the battle scenes as effort can be seen with most of the fights. A few parts will be expected to be left out while the pacing can feel oddball at times. Nonetheless, the show has a good way to balance out its action. Finally, you may be raising your eyebrows on occasions with the fan service. While the show isn’t in the ecchi territory, it does have parts when Meliodas plays with Elizabeth’s skirt like some kid at the candy store or when she is almost completely naked (for legitimate reasons) on more than one occasion.

This is a fantastic action-adventure anime, and a “sin” that I will gladly partake in again soon.  I am hoping for another season. Second season, where are you?


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