Magic Kaito 1412 Season 2 Release Date

Magic Kaito 1412 Season 2 Release Date

“Ladies and gentlemen! I bring you the illusions that sparkle at night”- Kid the Phantom Thief.

There’s a perpetual, particular mindset that one must have in order to appreciate and enjoy magic. It’s something innocent. It’s something that makes you appreciate the awe and wonder presented in the moment; a beautiful deception. A part of you will want to know the answer, constantly hunting for the secret. But another part of you doesn’t mind. It’s something that you want to know the answer to, but know you shouldn’t. That’s because you know the answer doesn’t matter. You want to be fooled.

Magic Kaito 1412 is a rather simplistic show, despite magic being its core element. It’s an episodic series and, as such, doesn’t require much of an obligation to follow intently. Like all episodic series, some episodes will also be better than others. However, this layout works impeccably well for this particular show; I couldn’t imagine it being done differently. For the most part, Magic Kaito is broken down into heists that usually span one episode, with the occasional part-two. In each episode Kaito dons the persona of the Kaito Kid, an unconventional, gentlemanly thief, who steals rare jewelry and returns it shortly afterwards. He often performs his heists in a flashy manner, which often becomes something like a free, public magic show. Periodically, characters from Detective Conan make appearances (Shinichi/Conan really being the only relevant figure, of course), which is entertaining in its own right.

The elegant & magnificent Kaito Kid really done well in entertaining his audience this night. It is reccomended for those who seeks for light anime that simply just entertains the audience with it’s magic. It is really a magical experience indeed.

In spite of its exceedingly lacking popularity, Magic Kaito 1412 was a very delightful, lively watch. The heart of all magic tricks and illusions lies within the enjoyment of the people watching, a point that is well pointed out in this series. In that regard, Magic Kaito 1412 succeeds. How I wish there will be a second season.

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