Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu Season 2 Release Date

Parasyte the Maxim Season 2 Release Date

Do you know the food chain theory? We, humans stand high and firm at the top of it, we are the absolute predators, with no enemies which can pose a threat to us. Our main means of dying are either from old age, a disease, an accident, or being murdered. All in all, it is quite a rare case (of course this doesn’t mean there isn’t) that our life will be ended by another species. Yet, it is much easier for humans to end the life of another living being, various examples include domestication, hunting, and urbanization etc. That’s right, you are probably the most comfortable species on Earth, where you can be sitting so comfortably in front of your laptop while the other species live in fear of being killed any time.

In Parasyte, alien beings emerge and pose a threat to humanity, people fear of being killed, people keep calling the parasites “monsters”, as their emergence had shaken the firm foundations humans had built on top of the food chain. You see, being long time winners of the Earth and suddenly have that taken from you really scares the shit out of everyone, myself included.

It follows a high school student named Izumi Shinichi after he becomes a host of one of these creatures that actually fails to seize his brain and is able to avoid complete domination. The two soon learn to coexist and the story is about them not only trying to survive but to also eliminate the other parasites.

I know, Parasyte is merely a science fiction anime, but time and time again Parasyte reminded of the true nature of our world we live in, and we must not ignore nor run away from the truth: humans are the true devils. The ones with the power to destroy nature, to subdue other species, to create rules for the world, all for the benefit and selfishness of ourselves.

Am I being cynical here? Perhaps. But this was what Parasyte had left in me after finishing it: a powerful, probably long lasting effect which would change my viewpoint in the world we live in.

The ride of watching Parasyte was indeed a thrilling one, I laughed, I cried, and I screamed to various events happening in the show. It truly got me hooked. I had this finished within 3days, which is a good indicator to see how much I enjoy this myself. Regrettably, there are questions left unanswered as the show ends, and the viewers will have to connect the missing dots together. So I really hope there will be a season 2.