Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle Season 3 Release Date

Chaika – The Coffin Princess Season 3 Release Date

Where the story ends by finding all the remains of the most powerful wizard of all time.

By this phrase, I think you can guess how is this going to end…you know…he is the most powerful wizard of all time, and the smartest (or not). LMAO.

The anime’s season 2 is done now. I don’t know about the manga. I was pleased by the first season and more excited by the second season. The story was good through the whole season except the last episode. It felt like easily done, we don’t have the time to make it perfect. But still the rest of the anime make it all a good fit. I wished to see more of the battles for the remains of the emperor.

The characters were nice. I wished to see a lot more Chaikas around the anime instead only the last episodes. The story contains only the white Chaika and sometimes the red Chaika. But through the story you hear that there is a lot of Chaikas. So why only those 2 mainly and the black one with her puppets in the end? A little dissepointed though. The other characters where avarange. The Gillette Sqaud was on 3 people a little in detailed. I am talking about Gillette ofcourse, Vivi and Stora. The others of the sqaud you know the names and that is basically it. Toru, Fredirika, Chaika and Akari was where the anime was over. You know them good at the end. You know what they were going to do.

I actually enjoyed this anime. Not as much as i wanted, but still was kind satisfying. You have the fight segments mixed with some comedy, what was the refreshing side of it, by keeping you attached to the anime.
Tbh, I felt a sadness inside be when I saw that this anime would only get 10 episodes…I was like will the fights and hunts fit in there? Well…it did…not like I wanted…but still.. I want a third season!!