Grisaia no Kajitsu Season 3 Release Date

Grisaia no Kajitsu Season 3 Release Date

“Being indebted to someone is nothing to be ashamed of, not repaying that debt is.” – Kazami Yuuji. 

For nearly every minute I spent watching Grisaia, I kept asking myself the same question: “Why the hell is this only 13 episodes long?”

Sometimes you’ve run out of Anime to watch or are just bored and come across something that sounds so dumb but you say “oh what the heck” and by the time you realize it, it’s already several hours past the time you usually sleep. Saying you’ll only watch one more episode but by the time you’re done, you’ve watched them all! This is just the Anime that does exactly that! It is a gem among stones, and this is one review I had to write because I do not agree with how poorly people have been rating this Anime.

It’s difficult to judge the Grisaia anime for what it is rather than for what it should be, considering nearly every issue is in some way related to the pacing. The characters frequently engage in acts of nonsense because the anime doesn’t have any time to explain their actions. Sachi’s episode is just laughable as it immediately transforms the naive, innocent maid into some dangerous psycho without any reasons as to WHY. A few minutes later and again without reason, she changes back into Stupid Lovable Sachi, and at that point it becomes a mystery who or what her character is even supposed to be.

Most egregious is the ‘romance‘ between the protagonist, Yuuji, and one of the heroines. Within the first five minutes of her arc, Yuuji and said heroine become a couple after an impromptu make-out scene. It’s all well and nice when an anime actually has the guts to show two characters kissing, but in Grisaia’s case, the two are so unfamiliar with each other that they may as well be still be strangers. It does very little to make their relationship feel natural, and until it becomes clear what the girl’s reason for hitting on Yuuji all the damn time are, it just feels like the two are incredibly desperate and don’t actually care about each other. And that still doesn’t change much by the end of her arc. Whereas in the visual novel it is obvious that Yuuji has genuine feelings for and a desire to protect her, in the anime’s case it’s just “hey, whatever, man”. Yuuji is only wooing the girls because they offer themselves to him so easily. I wish there will be another season. I badly want it!