Durara!! Season 3 Release Date

Durara!! Season 3 Release Date

                After waiting for 5 years, we finally get a second season of Durarara!! And, It’s 3 cour at that!

                Since first being introduced in 2010, Durarara!! has manage to garner a sizable fanbase and cult following among anime fans. Due to it’s relative success it has easily become one of the more recognizable titles to those that have been apart of the community for a decent amount of time. Also the bizarre name choice does nothing but help in that regard as well. With that accumulated success coupled with the name recognition it should be a no brainer that a sequel was bound to be in the works. Now enter Durarara!!x2 Shou, the follow up story to it’s predecessor. A show full of quirky characters, crazy hijinks and unfortunately the same noticeable problems that plagued the 1st season.

                I went into this anime not quite knowing what to expect. I tend toward watching shows with intense action and/or thrills, but there was something about Durarara’s art style and description that drew me to it. I was not disappointed.

                The story, when boiled down to it, is about gang disputes in the city of Ikebukuro and all the people that are either directly or indirectly affected by it. Through the “vantage point” method, we see events slowly unfold from one of our many character’s point of view. At any given time we as viewers are taken to a different 1st person point of view and see where they fall into the show’s overarching story. Together these collective of 1st person individual storylines help provide the platform for the main one to take form.

                Through-out this seemingly chaotic jumble, the common thread is Ryugamine Mikado, the small-town boy who moves to the Ikebukuro section of Tokyo to live on his own and enroll in high school there. His point of view and those of his classmates are the glue that holds the series (so far) together. To be honest, the high schoolers are showing as fairly stereotypical characters: the shy, loser transfer student, the shy girl class-rep, the dumb-ass sidekick. But the characters aren’t pure stereotypes. The one-line description doesn’t do justice to the interactions the characters have with each other, which are as quirky as the storyline. Plus, there are are some exceptions to the rule, or does the girl who wanted to commit suicide but changed her mind count as a stereotype nowadays?

                All in all, this looks like the smartest new series in lineup. Who will not agree on that? Whether it ends up as being the best will depend on where the story ends up.

                 The two manga adaptations are still ongoing. However, the Durara!! Season 3 will air on July 2015 and the fourth is anticipated on January 2016. How excited are you? Don’t make the mistake of passing this anime off!