Donten ni Warau Season 2 Release Date

Laughing Under the Clouds Season 2 Release Date

Like I usually do, I go to my favorite anime website every season and watch the 1st episode of each anime. If I’m somewhat into it, I usually stick around; and this one caught my attention. 

This anime focuses on the character development and human interaction mainly, while the story and the combats develops too fast and time to time the events seems out of place or rather rushed. While that’s to be expected with having just 12 episodes, if you are into details and mainly give importance to the plot, you may not feel utterly satisfied with Donten.

I guess if there’s an upside to this anime it’s the characters, while Chutaro was annoying, Tenka and Soramaru were probably more enjoyable. Honestly I wished they had developed Soramaru more, but being 12 episodes I guess they couldn’t afford it. It felt kind of rushed or forced near the end where Soramaru tries to move on after a tragic event, so therefore I didn’t really feel much for his suffering and cause. Honestly, I thought it started off great with the characters, but by the last few episodes, character development went out the window and in came the terrible typical story. I was kind of disappointed in that. They had great characters to work with.

Normally, I would’ve rolled my eyes at such a development. But having previously felt touched by how Shirasu was saved by Tenka and in return swore loyalty to the Kumou family, I was disheartened more than anything at the revelation. And so even though it turns out that Shirasu’s background was a sham and he had ulterior motive all along, I can’t bring myself to hate the character. Rather than that, I can’t help but blame the author since it was the kind of plot twist that isn’t exhilarating or exciting but instead simply disappointing to the point I couldn’t wholeheartedly enjoy what happened afterwards (including Tenka’s return, unfortunately). Now I know that it was hinted that Shirasu is still attached to the Kumou’s but the fact that he wouldn’t be together with them doesn’t sits well with me.

This anime was perfect. It made me laugh, cry and a feel a fluster of various other emotions. I really hope there will be a second season. LLaughing Under the Clouds is great! Season 2 where are you?