Denki-Gai no Honya-san Season 2 Release Date

The Electric Town’s Bookstore Season 2Release Date

Welcome to Umanohone bookstore, one of the bookstores across Japan that sells manga, light novels, and doujins – even the dirty ones. The bookstore has an interesting workplace with a variety of characters that you won’t feel dull encountering at. Denkigai no Honya-san is one of the few slice of life anime this season, and as the first few anime starting this season, it shouldn’t be ignored nor forgotten.

This CUTIE “youthful bookstore comedy” revolves around the folks who work in a manga shop deep in a certain “Electric Town” neighborhood. protagonist Umio works part-time at “BOOKS Umanohone” along with his senior at work (but not in age) Hiotan. As many dedicated manga fans visit the store, there is always something going on. 

The anime uses a number of references from manga, light novels and anime. I wouldn’t have spotted all of them since a lot of references are not very similar to the real counterpart. A few of them do give away, try your best. The fanservice doesn’t really exceed to become an ecchi anime, but there are still some of it throughout. Some may say they are definitely not needed, but looking at the context, I think a bit of them is enough.

Each character in the anime is special. It might have been a typical cast of slice of life characters, but in this anime, they have a nice range of emotions and thoughts. They are likeable and funny, depending on how they act. Development-wise, not really much for a slice of life anime. But looking at how the characters feel in their relationships, I think they are trying hard to be normal, since he first steps of romance can be hard and shaky. Also, looking at Umio, as the most recent hired employee of the bookstore, he adapts well with his co-workers and that’s great!

It’s also great that the cast is small and it didn’t introduce a ton of characters. There are a lot of anime with has a huge cast and it’s really hard to keep track of all of them. But in this anime, even with a small cast, there are a lot happening in the story.

The anime’s art is simple but not very dull. I like the colour palette to pull of a bright cheery feel. The scenery, both interior and exterior, look good, enough for a slice of life anime. I like the character designs as the characters look cute in them. The facial expressions are funny and adorable. Not much noticeable visual effects but overall, I think the atmosphere is fresh and sometimes lively, depending on the story.

I read some chapters of the manga before watching the anime and I love how the anime adapts almost all of the manga used. Maybe the last episode may have been an original, and trust me, that was an awesome episode to end off the anime. Back to point, I think that the director did a good job in using most of the source material and added a few originals in. We are all hoping for another round, right? So stay tuned with us guys.