Zetsuen no Tempest Season 2 Release Date

Blast of Tempest Season 2 Release Date

What would you do if ever that you’ll be isolated on an island? Will you do the old way of random communication like putting a written message on a piece of paper then sealing it on a bottle with a cork and letting it float in the body of water hoping that someone would get it?

I was there before. I mean, I was isolated but not on an island. I was locked inside a soundproof music room and my brother wasn’t aware of that. He didn’t know that I was locked inside and I don’t have any communications to the outside world as well. Even rocking and slamming the drum set didn’t work by that time. I was lucky that one of my friends went back to the music room and found out that it was locked outside. Sometimes, things like this happen just like what happened to Hakaze Kusaribe.

The anime adaptation of Zetsuen no Tempest is pretty much difficult to depict if you haven’t read the original manga of the story. Most of the important details tackled in the anime were not that elaborated that much. Even though it went like that, I am pretty happy to have the manga an anime adaptation for 1 season.

Also, I want it to have a second season but the remaining chapters inside the 9 volumes are not enough to be considered as materials for a season 2.