Zankyou no Terror Season 2 Release Date

Terror in Resonance Season 2 Release Date

The terror from anonymous attacks never ends. I mean, I attacking about the reality. We never know what’s going to happen next. Someone might be there to chase and bully you around. I, myself have witnessed this sort of scary attacks. A person that is witnessing the panic in the space will have the same panic as well.  The scary feeling of my personal experience is what I have witnessed in the first episode of this original anime.

The plot is pretty much in the edge of Death Note’s story. Another chase again of terrorism that is very psychological and thrilling at the same time. I even recognize the videos being left as clues for terror attack same as the clues left of Kira using letter puzzles. If you love Death note and would like to have another feeling or maybe the same feeling (but not exactly) again then Zankyou no Terror is you bet of choice.

Since Death Note has been long gone, I want to this anime to have a season 2. Although the uniqueness of the anime will not be revealed after the first 3 episodes, it still has the intensity and power that an anime requires that falls into the thriller genre.