Usagi Drop Season 2 Release Date

Usagi Drop Season 2 Release Date

First of all, I am not yet a parent. I don’t have any experience raising a real child but being a teacher somehow gives me an idea how difficult it is to be one. I mean, not just an idea but I feel the pain, hardwork and happiness with almost the same feeling as a second parent. I know that the feeling will never be the same; there is always a difference between a real parent and a teacher as a second one.

 Usagi Drop didn’t really intend to target young audiences. It has a very mature approach for those who are big enough to understand things in this world that can’t be taught using our own mouth. Like things that are taught based on our experience, wisdom and decision making.

I am so proud that would always be proud to be an Usagi Drop fan. But you know, I would be more proud if Usagi Drop would have a season 2. Just another spin-off will do. My hope as a fan will never die, if the second season would come then be happy, if not then be happy still.


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