Space Dandy Season 3 Release Date

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Space Dandy Season 2 Release Date

Sooner or later, the exploration of mankind would conquer intergalactic space travels. Hunting and discovering new life forms would be the next aim once traveling in the outer space is as easy as 1,2 and 3.

For those who love adventure and greeting new people around the world then this anime really fits their choice. Space Dandy isn’t just an anime about alien hunting and discovering new set of life forms but also an anime with decent action and way so funny comedy lines.

The anime production studio Bones made a good job promoting their original anime and its season 2 would air this July 2014. The official news about the season 2 release made Space Dandy’s fans real happy and also because the fans will not wait not much long. Skipping only 1 season is a very good wait.

Anyway, in the story, the main character Dandy which is also the captain of the spaceship Aloha Ohe wanted to buy a chain of hooky restaurants. I wonder if he could buy the whole chain of the restaurant at the end of the story. LMAO!