Soul Eater Season 2 Release Date

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Soul Eater Season 2 Release Date

The manga of Soul Eater started way back the year of 2003 but it was translate in 2009. I followed the manga stream but only the translated or scanned manga though because I can’t read Japanese language. Then on the same year of 2009 an anime adaptation was made, but the anime series ended so fast. It was a nice ending but it really went in a fast-paced manner.

Some may say that 51 episodes are enough to fit the whole season 1 of the anime adaptation but it is not. The hopes for another season of Soul Eater anime is not going to happen UNLESS another anime production team would remake the whole season 1 and eventually continue it up to season 2.

Just like the anime Claymore, it needs a spin-off as well so that there would be a Season 2 of that anime. Soul Eater with a very high rating on anime sites and with good grades on manga sites really deserve a season 2.

Wishing. Hoping. Fingers Crossed.

**P.S. Soul Eater has a video game as well developed by Square-Enix**