Sakura Trick Season 2 Release Date

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Sakura Trick Season 2 Release Date

After a very long wait of anime fans, another Yuri-themed anime has come to an end. Sakura Trick proved to me that love of someone to its bestfriend can never die. A real unique love for a friend can only be expressed and sealed with things beyond our imagination.

It is just so funny that when I watch this anime, I do remember most of my high school friends bonding together at a mall. Every after class, we’d stroll around a mall with a teacher of us because the mall guards won’t allow us to pass through if we don’t have some adult accompany.

Another round for this anime is really what I am looking for. Not because of its Yuri genre but because of the friendship that it shows to its anime viewers.

I tried searching for its original manga hoping that it has some scanlations but I can’t seem to find one. I think there are no scanlations for its original manga Trick Sakura Torikku.