Saki Season 4 Release Date

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Saki Season 4 Release Date

Every time I watch this anime, I always remember my dad playing mahjong with his old pals. My dad is not a good mahjong player and always loose yet he tends to play with his pro pals. My dad doesn’t care about losing, as long as he enjoys what he is doing then he’ll continue it.

Just like in the originally manga of Saki, Saki is happily playing mahjong with her fabulous teammates. Although she always gets bashed by her parents no matter if she wins or loses at a mahjong game, she still strives hard and achieved what she is right now.

Having many spin-offs on the original manga series, Saki really deserves a fourth season after the nationals. Saki: The Nationals is the third installment of the anime, adapting from the original spin-off of Saki manga – Saki: Zenkoku-hen.

Fourth season? Come on! I hope that Studio Gokumi team would produce another one for this awesome manga series.