Ryuugajoi Nanana no Maizoukin Season 2 Release Date

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Ryuugajoi Nanana no Maizoukin Season 2 Date Release

Have you ever seen a real ghost? When I was a kid, I think I saw a real ghost. Although, it was 16 years ago I am pretty much sure that that encounter of mine was a real ghost encounter. As most tales tell, ghost haunts a place where they are killed or traumatized. A ghost won’t reach after-life until peace and order of their heart has been fulfilled.

In the original story of the anime Ryuugajoi Nanana no Maizoukin which is from the light novel series Nanana’s Buried Treasure, a ghost is the center of the plot. A ghost that has been haunting an apartment room for 10 years. The sweetness, adventure mixed with its comedy-romance genre made me rate the anime adaptation as 9/10, which 10 is the highest rate.

Well, the original light novel only has 7 series and I want to look for more. Also, the anime will only run for 11 episodes (Correct me if I’m wrong) that somehow made me sad because a usual anime season runs for like 12 to 14; 11 is really short for an adaptation.

I know that this one is really a poor wish but I’d like to see more episode of this anime. A season two is what I am wishing for.