Phi Brain: Puzzle of God Season 4 Release Date

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Phi Brain: Puzzle of God Season 4 Release Date

Do you love solving puzzles? I know that most of us do love solving puzzle. Somehow to teases our brain and gives exercise to it. Some puzzles are just easy to crack while some takes so much time and concentration before you get to break it down.

If you love the Detective Conan anime/manga series then Phi Brain would be your pick as well. Not just because of the puzzles in the original anime series but also the value that it gives to each of every kind of puzzle featured on every episode is really something to be pointed out.

After 3 successful seasons of Phi Brain with a “Completed” status on every anime streaming sites then it is official. There will be no season 4 unless there work be a spin-off for Phi Brain. Definitely, a spin-off, OVA’s or movies would chill and thrills its fans again.

I am so proud and lucky as one of those who chased the whole anime series from its very first episode way back in 2011 down to its last episode on its 3rd season for this year 2014.