One Outs Season 2 Release Date

One Outs Season 2 Release Date

For most of the sports manga that I have read, I think One Outs is one of those that will “one outs” you for real. I know that you know what I mean with that since you have read or watched the anime already. One Outs is not just a sports genre manga, it involves money as well having the twists of gambling in the plot as well as monetizing the whole team of Lycaons of Paradise League.

Stunned, and will always be stunned. I think there is not a single chapter of the original manga of One Outs that failed to amaze me. Outwitting Kojima and Tokuchi is really a bad idea and I think Shinobu Kaitani did a very great job to personate them with different characters. Each of them are supporting one other just to fulfill their dream and win the championships.

How I wish that I could bet as well. I’ll bet 5M yen if there would be a season 2 or not. With only one season of the anime adaptation and a single manga side story made me really sad. The manga has pretty much enough material to create a new set of season though but it is really difficult to say since the manga had ended already. No follow ups and no news as well about the second animation.


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