Noragami Season 2 Release Date

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Noragami Season 2 Release Date

Have you ever thought of saving someone else? Would you save someone even though it will cost your life in exchange? Originally written as a manga, Noragami shocked me in the first episode of its anime adaptation. Although it is just an anime, I easily get carried away to simple and unbelievable things. HAHA!

Going through the main story of the main, Hiyori Iki saved a person that she thought was normal human, the god Yato. Hiyori Iki saw the former calamity god Yato on her soul projection of afterlife. She soon forgot the details of the accident where she saved the god Yato but that is when the whole story started rolling.

God Yato visited her in the hospital that Hiyori Iki’s father owns. God Yato soon told her that she is having astral projection hearing things from the Near shore and Far shore, meaning the near-death life and afterlife respectively.

Seriously, I never thought that Noragami would be really exciting on its first season and definitely a second season is what I am looking for too! I hope Bones anime studio would look forward for another season of Noragami.