Nobunaga the Fool Season 2 Release Date

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Nobunaga the Fool Season 2 Release Date

From the start of this anime, the pace of the story has been really slow. Until now, at the its latest episode, only one member from the Knights of the Round Table of King Arthur has been introduced. Being a slow-paced anime makes its viewer to wish and eager for its next season.

The WHOLE story is a mixture of different things. From the concept of the Knights of the Round Table down to the War Era of outstand samurai clans makes the story confusing yet unique compared to any other anime.

At first, I was wondering why were the two planets named Western and Eastern Planets. I just finished the 10th episode of the anime and figured out the reasons why the planets were named like that. The western planet stands for the western side of the world or the European nature of it while the eastern planet stands for the eastern side of the world or the Japanese nature of it.

Nobunaga the Fool is full of bloody scenes which deeply expresses its war concept. Just like what I have said, the story has plenty of mixtures of different things especially the character names of the Western Planet, the tarot card system of Leonardo Da Vinci, the elements of Regalias and more “complications” makes me want for its trailing season.