NHK ni Youkoso! Season 2 Release Date

Welcome to the N.H.K. Season 2 Release Date

I never locked myself away from the outside world. That is something I couldn’t really think of. Reading manga and watching anime are just ways for me to escape the problems to outside world not to really ditch it off and never come back again. I will never try to leave my real stories behind as those stories molded me as a whole, as a musician, a gamer, a teacher and an anime-manga enthusiast.

I think the real target audiences of NHK ni Youkoso are those who really love anime and manga reading. Those full time enthusiasts who locked themselves from the outside world have the 100% relation between them and the anime adaptation. I can’t really tell that much because I love my world outside as well.

With just 24 episodes of its first season, I never thought that this anime would make a great impact to me. Although I can personally tell that the anime adaptation has obvious holes in the novel story, the essence and the main objective of the plot never changed at all. Those episodes of the season 1 were too long yet too short. A second season is a must yet no news has come.