Mekakucity Actors Season 2 Release Date

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Mekakucity Actors Season 2 Release Date

I’ve seen so many movies and animes having a concept of an AI-program. Some AI-programs are really cool while some gives headaches just like in this anime Mekakucity Actors. HAHA! Even though the main protagonist’s AI-programs causes him so much headache, Ene managed to save Shintaro Kisaragi on the verge of being unlucky – having as a hostage in a mall.

This anime isn’t derived from any books or television series. It is not from any manga or light novels out there, meaning that it is an original anime television series. Saying that the anime is an original work with a very unique plot of the story somehow made me to rate it 10 out of 10, as 10 is the highest possible rating.

Of course, since I already gave it a go – 10! I want it to have an epic second season return. A season 2 is a must!


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