Love Live Season 3 Release Date

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Love Live Season 3 Date Release

From a multimedia project, I think Love Live is one of the most successful projects of ASCII Media Works. With two wonderful seasons 2 from its anime adaptation, also with the two manga adaptations, a free video game, music CDs and many more made Love Live a real live project and a music label as well.

The anime television season of Love Live has two seasons. The second season was pretty much the end of the story of μ’s group. Some their group members are graduating students meaning that the season two will be their last attempt to seal the deal at the Love Live Idol Competition. At first, their group leader Honoka Kosaka doesn’t really want to join the competition but eventually her idolmates managed to pull her off as they compete again to beat the A-Rise group.

Although I love singing and dancing, I am not a real fan of this anime. I am not saying that I don’t like Love Live. It is just that I’m too old for this genre. LMAO! I wonder if there would be a third season for Love Live. There is a new manga adaptation called Love Live! School Idol Diary and another video game that will be released soon.