Kuroshitsuji Season 4 Release Date

Kuroshitsuji Season 4 Release Date

How does it feel to have a butler? A butler that has all the abilities you would look for. A butler that can dance and prance on his own job is something that only a demon could do. Sebastian Michaelis is for real a great character in this anime series. The manga pretty much doesn’t have that effect on me simply because I can’t see the intensity of Sebastian as he is on the anime adaptation.

The third season of the anime pretty much revolves on the circus of Noah’s Ark. The plot of the main story didn’t change at all; even the deal with a demon was still the same and never changed. The first episode of the 3rd season for me was the introductions again of the main characters while the story whole start filming at the start of the second episode.

After all, I do want the story to go back and forth again but the third installment’s trailing story is a single episode anime so it will be pretty much locked down to 3 seasons. I know that a fourth season is not that impossible to say given that the manga is still running for 8 years now. Also, the materials to work for one are not a problem at all.

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