Kuragehime Season 2 Release Date

Princess Jellyfish Season 2 Release Date

My first ever online game that I played is Ragnarok Online. It was the first MMORPG here in our country that made so much impact to gamers simply because it was new to their eyes. As part of the Ragnarok Online craze, I dedicated so much time that I sacrificed some of my time for studying just to play the online game. Although I had my time balanced for studying and playing, I still had my grades maintained. It is not my gaming that I would like to share about; it is about a monster in Ragnarok Online that I crazed so much. The monster’s name is Poring. Just like Tsukimi Kurashita in the story of Kuragehime, she is crazy for about jellyfish. Every jellyfish resemblances of her mother, why every poring means the start of my gaming life.

The anime adaptation of Kuragehime is really short. It only has 11 episodes and that makes me so sad. I am also disappointed that there were card showed in the last episodes of the anime that somehow leaves the fan hopes for a second season. The extra story and the growing love affections of the main characters were going so solid now that’s why I wishing for a season 2 no matter what.

Heck, it has been 4 years since the last rumored that I’ve read about Kuragehime. The manga is still running though that’s why my hope is still keeping me in touch for some news or announcement for a trailing season.