Kino no Tabi Season 2 Release Date

Kino’s Journey Season 2 Release Date

This really sounds crazy but my first impression to Kino’s bike called Hermes is something you can’t imagine. I always thought that Kino is like a Mask Rider riding his own Battle Hopper motorbike. LOL! Seriously, I always imagine Battle Hopper talking to Mask Rider Black using real words not just light signals and head bumper shakes.

Okay, so back to Kino no Tabi. For me, this light novel is something that you wouldn’t be able to predict even if you try to collaborate with your friends. Even though adventuring and leaving world by world is not that unique anymore, I find the anime adaptation very unique in my own eyes. I think the anime director has done a very good job on shifting gears while fitting all the adventures in just 13 1st season episodes.

It has been more than 10 years and still, there are no announcements for a second season of this anime. It is really sad to say but I think the two movies are enough to fill the fan’s loneliness for a season 2. I am already satisfied with the prequel and sequel movies, but I don’t know for some.