Kill la Kill season 2 Release Date

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Kill la Kill season 2 date release

The illustrations of anime adaptations today are really way better than before. The colors, shades and transitions of slides of anime today would make you imagine how realistic an anime could be.

I never thought that I’ll encounter an anime today will the almost the same illustrations like before. Just like the classic Dragon Ball anime, the illustration of Kill la Kill would make you mesmerize about the old eras of anime.

It is not really cool to judge a book by its cover. Some may say that Kill la Kill is not in the trend anymore because of its illustrations but NO! Kill la Kill has very good story line and deserves a second season or a spin-off for the story. HAHA! Old style of illustrations doesn’t mean that the anime is not worth watching. Kill la Kill is a good example that anime created with those kinds of illustrations deserves good credits and trailing seasons.