Isshukan Friends Season 2 Release Date

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Isshukan Friends Season 2 Date Release

Have you ever been in a situation when you felt pity to a person? I mean, not just a person but to a loner trying to separate his/her own world away from others.

I’d a friend back then that is a complete loner. She doesn’t like talking to her classmates and it is so hard to get her cooperation especially when it comes to group works and homeroom school projects. Our president had to write a letter to her in order to send her a message then she writes back a reply. Up until now, I still don’t know the real reason why that classmate of mine doesn’t want to make good friends with her classmates. I am good looking and I am pretty sure that I don’t look like a witch. HAHA!

But anyway, this anime Isshukan Friends is somehow related to my experience. For every action of a person in this world, there is a deeper meaning why a certain person does that. We just have to respect everyone while we try to understand the real nature of their action.

Although the main plot of the story is really heart-breaking, I would like to see a trailing season of this not-giving-up story of Yuki Hase towards Kaori Fujimaya. A real story of love and real friendship.