Honey and Clover Season 3 Release Date

Hachimitsu to Clover Season 3 Release Date

This is one of my favorite romance stories whether I read it from the original manga of it or I watch it from the anime adaptation called Honey and Clover. Lining up with some popular favorite stories like Fruit Basket, Nodame Cantabile and Paradise Kiss, I think Honey and Clover had one of the best successes when it comes to tickling all its readers’ and viewers’ hearts.

Of course it is the story that made the fans sticked to the story, but personally the music hooked me for real. The music is like the glue that bonded me together with the anime CDs of Honey and Clover that I have. I even purchased the official soundtracks of Honey and Clover although it is pretty difficult to find one considering that I am living in a country that anime stores are not that much.

The romance story of the anime ended in the second season of Honey and Clover. It is pretty sad that it happened like that and fans were wishing for a third season. A season 3 won’t be coming I think because the manga is already over with 10 volumes that ran for 6 long years.


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