Higashi no Eden Season 2 Release Date

Eden of the East Season 2 Release Date

Above all the kinds of attacks, I think missile attack is the scariest. I already witnessed heart attack, love attack, even Attack of the Titans. They are not scary at all. LOL! We all know what tremendous damage an area could receive if ever that it would be the main target of a missile launch. Some missiles contain biochemical weapon that not just damages human cells but also damages the earth’s soil that causes the eradication of its minerals. Well, I am not trying to scare you, but as a teacher I am always aware of the best information that I can have as a normal citizen.

Mostly all of the stories that I’ve read that falls under psychological and mystery genre have the same intensity and pressure on every scene/clips being portrayed by the authors, illustrators or directors. My first impression for Higashi no Eden is that the story would turn out like in the Mirai Nikki where everyone would be eliminated and the romance factor won’t be tagging alone at the very end. I was wrong with my first impression; it was the romance twist that made the story as a whole.

No wonder why this original anime television series had so many anime films. But why? Why does it only have a single season as an anime? It makes me sad that an original anime won’t be trailed for a second season. I hope that one day a release or announcement would be there from official sites and stuffs around.