Gundam Build Fighters Season 2 Date Release

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Gundam Build Fighters Season 2 Date Release

As a Gundam fanatic, I really like the way the author, director and animators made this anime like a dream for Gundam builders. Well, I am not a Gundam builder but if you have watched the Gundam Build Fighters then probably you’ll get what I mean.

In the 23rd episode of the anime, there are two mysteries which made me thought of a trailing season. First is the discovery of the Plavsky Crystal which is the source of the Plavsky particles. I don’t know if that case will be solve on the 24th episode (final episode) or will leave a question for a second season.

My second thought is about Aila Jyrkiainen. In the story, Aila was an orphan and recruited by the Flana Institute. She eventually joined Team Nemesis and had a fight agaisnt Reiji. Her true identity was discovered and wanted to build a Gunpla again. Her NEW Gunpla is what caught me thinking. I wonder if her new Gunpla would shine if there will be a second season for this anime.

Well, there is still another episode for me to wait though. I wonder if the 24th episode would be an epic episode since it is the season ender and hopefully the gate for the next season.