Gosick Season 2 Release Date


Gosick Season 2 Release Date

I am never good on analyzing crime scenes. Even though I am a Math teacher and calculating numbers, analyzing problems and marking grades are my specialties, solving crimes puzzles is something that I really suck about. Please don’t get me wrong ‘cause I really love watching these kind of crime picture solving. I hope that one day I’ll be like Detective Conan or be part of NCIS or something like that as my department. Being able to solve mysteries with anything as a possible cause or factor of a crime is really awesome. I think only gifteds can do that such thing.

As I’ve said, being a detective is something my thing but the anime adaptation of Gosick is my thing. From the original light novel of  Kazuki Sakuraba, I think the anime adaptation of Gosick went pretty well. The intensity of the plot that falls under detective and romance genre is where the anime adaptation really stands out. Even the illustrations of Hinata Takeda from the light novel were nice as well.

3 years ago, the anime adaptation of Gosick ended while leaving some notes behind for a season 2. I am one of those who are excited for a second come back and I hope that it would happen real soon. I don’t know but time will tell if Gosick deserves another round of applause from the fans.

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