Claymore: Claymore Season 2 Date Release

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Claymore: Claymore Season 2 Date Release

The first anime of Claymore wasn’t into the manga story. I felt sad when I watched it and figured that it is way off the manga story. I think that from the start, the anime production team of Claymore didn’t have any intention to create a season 2 of the anime.

Claymore went running on manga since 2001 and for 13 years there is no season 2 yet. If there is an anime production team that would make a season 2 for this anime then they should restart the story back to season 1. I would be totally happy to see those silver-eye witches on the roll again in an anime series.

A respin-off of the anime is not that impossible. The manga is still running monthly, though it is slow but it is sure! I’d like to read a manga that has a constant update than a manga with a good story but on a hiatus.

Crossing fingers still for season 2. Some anime producers should produce this anime again!

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