Attack on Titans Season 2 Release Date

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Attack on Titans: Attack on Titans Season 2 Release Date

Attack of Titans hit the anime screen big time. This anime is something that wouldn’t dare to miss when the season 2 is out. Well if you are not an anime fan then I suggest that this anime will give you some chills and thrills. Attack on Titans is no ordinary anime to say, it went famous from the very first episode up to the last episode of season 1.

Alright, so all the fans of Attack on Titans are waiting for the release of season 2, but the question is when? There are rumors that funds are the main reason why the season 2 of this anime wasn’t released yet. But as an anime fan, it takes quite some time to create a consecutive season of an anime. Season 1 is always the beta test of sales, if Attack on Titans season 1 didn’t worked out that well on sales then probably season 2 will not be on screen. But who knows, Attack on Titans is really famous now. Everyone is waiting for the official date of season 2.

Hmm, if your eyes are a little bit itchy to watch the season 2 then I recommend that you should read and follow the manga to spoil your friends. A lot says that it is better to watch anime than to read manga, but manga still comes first and the story line itself is based from the manga story.

If you’re a fan of Attack on Titan and have doubted if there will be a release of season 2 then get rid of it now. Season 2 will definitely come! The manga is still on going and the board members are still working out to negotiate to important contacts. There’s no funds issue, there is no funds issue. The season 1 went well so as the season 2!

If you guys haven’t watched/read the Attack on Titans then you are surely missing something important that you need to watch/read before you die. =) I think I am making Attack on Titans over rated with this article.

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