Akame ga Kill! Season 2 Release Date

Will there be Akame ga Kill Season 2? Akame ga Kill! Season 2 Release Date

Our world is not perfect and it will never be. There are people who are possessed of greed while some are corrupted by their own will of revenge. Some disguises as the good guys but coated with their evil plans to conquer this world. We will never really know who the good and bad are until we’ve learned the true nature of their personalities. As a gamer, living/playing in a virtual world is not different in living in reality. There will always scammers and cheaters around to ruin the game or the virtual world itself.

The manga author of Akame ga Kill! made a very good job to depict what the world is right now. Takahiro, his pen name, is such a genius in my own eyes. Although the manga is really bloody on its anime adaptation, it only featured how the color red turns every table of corruption in this world. Some may say that that is the best way, some may use their pen to save the world.

Akame ga Kill! manga has 9 volumes that are already published. Some say it is 10 but I am pretty sure that it is 9 at the moment. Now that it has 24 episodes that are good for 1 season. I want it to have another round of applause for a second season.